Private clients


Sometimes things don’t go well, and you need a lawyer. We recommend contacting a lawyer as early as possible, since it is generally cheaper to resolve conflicts in their early stages.

If a dispute goes too far, the parties may no longer see each other’s viewpoints clearly and a possibility of a settlement is forgotten. A lawyer is necessary at the latest when you have a court appointment. Our goal is to fix your problems with the lowest possible cost to you. The help of an outsider can often help in resolving and settling disputes.

If a matter can’t be settled, or if there is no sense in doing so, we assist in all court proceedings. We further the interests of our clients strictly, but tactfully. Our core principle is upholding a relationship of trust between the lawyer and the client. You can review our pricing here. It is also possible to receive state-funded legal aid for court proceedings or have your lawyer paid by your insurance company.

We adhere to law in its full extent and we comply with all ethical principles. You will always be assisted with a licensed trial lawyer in all court proceedings. Licensed trial lawyers are monitored by an independent board of licensed trial lawyers.