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Criminal law

A criminal law process is divided in three parts: pretrial investigation, consideration of charges and a criminal trial. In other words, the police conduct a pretrial investigation, the prosecutor considers whether he or she brings charges, and these charges are settled in a trial.

We assist in all stages of such a process both suspects and victims. We help our clients strictly, but tactfully. Our goal is to bring justice to our clients.

Contact us already today so that we can discuss your case in more detail. We assist you in always understanding your position in a criminal proceeding regardless of whether you are the suspect or a victim of a crime. You may be entitled to state-funded legal aid or insurance-covered legal benefits. It is also possible to get a legal defender appointed to you. We will research these options for you.

As criminal lawyers we assist in all criminal matters regardless of the type of the crime, for example following:

  • White-collar crime (embezzlement, debtor fraud, accounting violations, frauds and others)
  • Assault and battery charges
  • Traffic violations (such as charges related to car crashes or run-downs)
  • Drug charges
  • Property charges (such as theft, robbery and destruction of property)
  • Violation of a restraining order, trespasses and stalkers
  • Sex crimes
  • Other criminal matters