Private clients


We assist employees in all employment-related disputes. If you believe that you were fired illegally or if you have unpaid salaries, contact us. We are available to assist in all employment related trials. We also assist employees in settlement negotiations, if a trial is avoided that way. The first meeting is free if no assignment is given to us.

We also assist gladly if you want your employment, freelance, executive or managing director contract evaluated by a lawyer. If your employer offers you an incentive scheme or requires a non-compete, non-solicit or non-disclosure undertaking, it may sometimes be good to have the agreement reviewed by a lawyer. We also draft all employment-related agreements. Review our services to employers here.

We assist in, among others:

  • Illegal let-off
  • Unpaid salaries
  • Employment discrimination
  • Worker safety crimes
  • Lawsuits for compensation against employers
  • Other illegal activities