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Family Law

Many people need a lawyer for the first time in matters related to their family. Handling family law matters requires emotional intelligence and tactfulness in addition to legal acumen. We handle all family law matters with respect and experience and are available to support you even during life’s most demanding times.

Family matters can often cause disputes. Therefore, it is good to settle matters in advance. If a marriage or cohabitation ceases for one reason or another, we are available to settle all open matters. Typical matters related to the end of a relationship are dividing assets after a marriage and all matters related to children. It is often possible, with some conditions, to get state-funded legal aid to matters related to children. It is sometimes also possible to get insurance-coverage for lawyer fees related to children.

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Our services in family law matters:

  • Prenuptials and cohabitation agreements
  • Assisting in asset division in a divorce
  • Interspousal alimony claims
  • Child custody, habitation and visitation rights
  • Seeking alimony for a child/children