Olli Rinne

+358 40 592 8995


I have worked as a lawyer mainly in civil law positions since 2000. My long experience as a lawyer in a large debt collection company has provided me with the opportunity to handle a wide range of insolvency, dispute resolution, tort and contract law matters for individuals and businesses through negotiation, litigation and arbitration. For years, I have been a sought-after speaker in debt and credit management advisory and training positions.

My strongest expertise is in housing and real estate disputes, issues concerning housing companies and tasks that require dispute resolutions.

My working style is firm, open and efficient.

I am a member of the Association of Finnish Lawyers and an attorney-at-law.

Education and work experience

  • Master of Laws, University of Helsinki in 2000
  • Entrepreneur, Waly & Rinne Attorneys Ltd. 2024-
  • Waly & Koskinen Attorneys Ltd. 2022-2024
  • Jurentia Attorneys at Law Ltd. 2021
  • OK Perint√§ Ltd. 2000 – 2020